Why It Pays to Review Your Mortgage
Ideally, you should keep a regular eye out for better mortgage deals. New products are coming onto the market all the time and if you're not locked into a fixed period deal, it could be worth your while changing lenders and re-mortgaging at any time. But at the very least, you should schedule a mortgage review on an annual basis.


Property prices in the UK are increasing across most regions, according to the latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) House Price Index. On average, your home could have increased in value by 5% since last year and prices in London are exceeding almost double the average national figure.


This means more competitive deals may be available to you, which could save you money long term, or better still, stick to your original payments and reduce your mortgage term.


While you can often reduce your payments by switching, bear in mind that there could be a number of costs associated with re-mortgaging.


Don't fancy doing the sums?

Our advisers can offer expert advice and take the hassle out of re-mortgaging. We search for the best mortgage products and calculate the total cost of any re-mortgage against the potential long term savings, ensuring that you have the best deal possible.